Ubertooth Spectrum Analysis Fun

I put together a quick video (no audio) of some things I found in the 2.4GHz spectrum with the Great Scott Gadgets Ubertooth One:

In this gripping video, you’ll see idle and busy Wi-Fi signals, Bluetooth discovery, and a leaky microwave oven! It’s kinda like being in The Matrix…

We have Ubertooth Ones in stock, so consider picking one up if you want to do some Bluetooth or RF hacking. Everything (including the hardware) is open-source, and there’s a growing community of people developing software for the Ubertooth. The next few months should be very interesting!

3 thoughts on “Ubertooth Spectrum Analysis Fun”

  1. @Shae – mossmann’s blog says (http://ossmann.blogspot.com/2011/02/ubertooth-spectrum-analyzer.html )

    “The device [Ubertooth’s CC2400 chip] I tested functioned with its receiver tuned from 2268 to 2794 MHz. (The supported range is 2400 to 2483.) I didn’t actually generate test signals to validate that it could see stuff throughout the entire range, but my guess is that it is usable across the whole tunable range but with degraded performance at the extremes.”

    WiFi channels run from 2.400–2.4835 GHz (channels 1-14) The leaky microwave oven shown in the video look like a pretty good wide spectrum “signal” generator.

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