HackRF Jawbreaker PortaPack Lives!

Update on 2015/07/23:

The PortaPack H1 is now available in the ShareBrained store.

I got my LCD + audio + controls “shield” for the HackRF Jawbreaker working reasonably well, and wanted to show it off, doing wideband spectrum analysis:

I’m bringing this thing to DEF CON and Black Hat, and would be happy to show it to anybody who’s interested. :-) Just look for me (Jared) in the DEF CON Hardware Hacking Village or Wireless Village. I’ll also be at Black Hat Arsenal with Mike Ossmann, discussing all things HackRF. See you there?

10 thoughts on “HackRF Jawbreaker PortaPack Lives!”

  1. Jay: The PortaPack hardware is looking pretty good already. Since HackRF is a development platform, I’m thinking I don’t need to do too much beyond prove the hardware works well, then I can release it and see what people do with it. The spectrum analyzer is only the beginning, I think. As for cost, if I were to project based on the bill of materials and likely PCB and assembly costs, I’d say the retail would be < $100. Though I may try and throw in a few features, depending on feedback I hear at this week's conferences... Also, keep your eye's on Mike Ossmann’s blog, where some big HackRF news should appear in the next few days. The PortaPack might be a part of it — we’ll see.

  2. Does this have an audio output? Would be very cool to be able to listen as well. Perhaps a way to select a bandwidth in the center of the display and output audio. . I’m thinking shortwave/Ham listening.


  3. Whoops… I see the audio jacks now. I’m envisioning this on top of the hackRF, on top of an up converter as an all in one SDR, no computer needed. Great work!!!

  4. hi Jared,
    I met you at Toorcon SD a few weeks back and was enthralled with this device. You said you’d have kits, or at least a parts list/schematic/etc. available on the website soon(ish) – any word on when these will be available? I’m dying to get my hands on one. :)

  5. @khudson: Very Soon Now(tm). Mike Ossmann is finishing up manufacturing concerns around the beta HackRF One, and I am scheduled to ship 50 of that updated PortaPack design when he ships those. In the meantime, I’m working feverishly on cleaning up the existing HackRF code base so it can be extended to other projects, has support PortaPack things like I2C audio, and can make use of the onboard Cortex-M0 processor and extra hardware to offload the Cortex-M4. Right now, the HackRF Jawbreaker era firmware chews up most of the M4 just to move baseband data between the codec and USB interfaces.

  6. Cool stuff! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the announcements, and keep an eye on the codebase for the new changes. Thanks!

  7. @Curtis: The HackRF will be available commercially in the next few months, and I intend to sell the PortaPack as an add-on. So you’ll be able to buy them in a few months.

    Regarding shortwave, the HackRF is not particularly sensitive and is not optimized for the HF bands, but a few people have used it with a Ham-It-Up (from NooElec) and it apparently works well enough. I haven’t yet tried this myself. You should come to the Freenode #hackrf IRC channel and ask the people there!

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