The Chronulator

Chronulator in Poplar and Walnut
Built by Kraig

The Chronulator is a clock that uses old-school analog, mechanical meters to show the time. I sell it as a kit or assembled. The kit is great if you want to learn how to solder electronics, or you want to give a unique gift to a technology geek.

Easy to Build

Many people with no previous soldering experience have built their own Chronulators. All you need is about $10 US in common tools, and a spare hour on a weekend. Have a look at the instructions to see how easy it is to build.

The complete kit is $49 US. Sadly, the Chronulator 2.0 is SOLD OUT as I design the 3.0 version. Please e-mail or follow sharebrained on Twitter for news on the Chronulator 3.0!


Decorate your Chronulator to suit your taste — steampunk, atomic-age, music studio, automotive — whatever you like. Most people finish their by attaching it to an attractive picture frame. But some particularly creative and crafty people have gone well beyond. Check out this amazing work!

Plexiglass-backed Chronulator
Plexiglass cut at TAP Plastics.
Built by Adam
Wood dowels, red spray paint, hot glue, and black rubber bands!
Built by Bzztbomb
Cigar Box Chronulator
Built by John
Acrylic and Oak Chronulator
Built by Kevin


Everything you want to know about the Chronulator design can be found on the support page. There, you’ll find the instructions, schematics, source code, circuit board design, meter templates, and more. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or need help with your kit, please e-mail support.