The Great Scott Gadgets Ubertooth One is the first affordable Bluetooth monitoring and development platform.

Ubertooth One Anatomy
Ubertooth One Anatomy

What can the Ubertooth One do?

The Ubertooth One hardware is capable of:

  • Bluetooth basic rate packet monitoring and injection.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy packet monitoring and injection.
  • 2.4GHz spectrum analysis – good for site and interference surveys of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, etc.
  • Some proprietary 2.4GHz protocols using FSK or GFSK modulations up to 1Msymbol/second.
  • 802.11 FHSS (1 or 2Mbps) – not common.

Here's an example video of the Ubertooth One doing 2.4GHz spectrum analysis:

Not all of the features listed above have associated software – yet! Ubertooth is an open-source project, so somebody will soon write supporting software, building on the work that's already done.

What software works with the Ubertooth One?

So far, there's supporting software for:

  • Dumping raw Bluetooth Basic Rate packets for a single channel.
  • Dumping raw received-strength (spectrum) readings across the 2.4GHz ISM band.
  • Monitoring Bluetooth packet LAP values on a single channel.
  • Bluetooth UAP discovery for a selected LAP.
  • USB-based bootloader and firmware upgrade mechanism.

People working on the Ubertooth project are adding new software and functionality all the time. Join us!

In true open-source fashion, most of the software development is taking place on top of Linux, but utilizing cross-platform libraries and techniques. So most of the host software should be easy to build for Windows and Mac OS.

What does the Ubertooth One cost?

We're out of stock for the time being. Please check the Great Scott Gadgets Web site for an up-to-date list of other retailers.

The Story of Ubertooth

Michael Ossmann, a wireless security researcher, observed that not enough is known about Bluetooth security, partly due to a lack of affordable tools. He set about solving this problem by repurposing an inexpensive consumer radio transceiver chip. After two years of development, Mike presented the Ubertooth at the ToorCon 12 security conference (Mike's talk, part 1 and part 2). Interest was so strong that he developed the Ubertooth One as a product and announced it at the ShmooCon 2011 security conference (Mike's talk), along with a Kickstarter project to raise funds for an initial manufacturing run of assembled devices. The Kickstarter project was funded (more than three times over!) and is now available for sale.

Technical Details

Where can I find out more about the project?