This weekend was a long slog. First, I needed to build a programmer so I could efficiently program raw microcontroller chips. I have one of those green zero-insertion-force sockets that I wired up to program chips through the AVR ISP interface. I also worked out a command-line script that does checksums and everything to make sure each chip gets programmed correctly.

I also got all the paperwork in order – the component envelope and shipping labels. I revised the envelopes to reflect the new list of contents, and created a shipping label printing script. I can't tell you how often I cramped my hand writing out shipping labels for my customers. "Ow, that's my soldering hand!"

I got the documentation "done". But before I post it, I must go through it once, with the parts all boxed up just as they'd be shipped. Call it a dry run. The perfectionist in me wants to make sure everything's right before I unleash Chronulator 2.0 on the world. So first thing tomorrow (Monday) morning, before I go to my day-job, I'm going to assemble a kit from the instructions. I'll make last-minute adjustments as necessary. At that point, I am ready. When I return from work in the evening, I will update the Web site with all the kit documentation and enable the PayPal "Buy Now" buttons! Then I'll e-mail everybody who asked to be notified. Then the fun begins!

Thanks everybody for all of your patience and encouragement. I hope you'll enjoy Chronulator 2.0 even more than the original!