OK. Everything is ready. I feel comfortable and confident that Chronulator 2.0 will be a good experience for all my customers. Come tomorrow evening (GMT-8: Pacific Time), Wednesday December 10, Chronulator 2.0 will be available for sale. It was a long time coming, and I am thankful for all your patience.

I'm so excited and so relieved. And so tired. I was up until 4:30AM, attempting to resolve a bootloader problem. There were competing issues… I want the Chronulator to run on worn-out AA batteries, meaning approximately 1.8 volts. According to the Atmel microcontroller specifications, the chip can only run at 4MHz, at a voltage that low. But all the Arduino bootloaders are compiled to run at 8MHz, 16MHz or more. There's the conflict. I had to recompile the Lilypad Arduino bootloader with a few tweaks. Messing with a crucial piece of code like a bootloader is rather nerve-wracking. So I tested, tested, and tested some more. I also had to mess around with the AVR microcontroller fuses – a risky affair, I've learned. I managed to brick one of my boards because I set the microcontroller fuses wrong. Fortunately, I was able to evolve a scripted process that will practically eliminate this sort of error as I burn the Chronulator software on each chip I ship.