So here I am, enjoying a week of vacation from my day-job, and a little break from the steady stream of ShareBrained orders that have come in over the last couple of months. And what should arrive in my inbox? This, from Emmanuel in France:

<img src="/wp-content/2009/03/emmanuel-1.jpg" caption:"The" alt="">
<img src="/wp-content/2009/03/emmanuel-2.jpg" caption:"Emmanuel" alt="">

The base is made from a tea box. The various brass components come from drawer handles and curtain rod ends. The meter faces were machined using a design made in Adobe Illustrator. And to bring it all together exactly as he imagined, Emmanuel had to completely deconstruct and rebuild the meters.

This is astounding craftsmanship. I must say I am humbled. I never imagined my modest little clock kits would be worthy of such incredible attention and craftsmanship. It gives me immeasurable delight to know I am, in some very small way, helping to bring these beautiful works of art into existence. I'm so grateful for the opportunity. Thanks to all of you.