I started ShareBrained about four years ago. It's always been a side-business to my various day jobs, and I have often wondered what would happen if I put my full time and energy into ShareBrained. A couple of months ago, the circumstances arose where we (my wife and I) became comfortable enough with the risks vs. rewards to give it a shot. Yesterday was my last day at a "day-job", and today is the first day of full-time ShareBrained employment! (Another recurring thought I have now: "What the hell am I thinking?!?!?")

You may wonder where I'm going to take ShareBrained. Right now, I'm really in to these things:

  • Audio projects – new musical instrument interfaces and synthesis platforms.
  • Software radio projects – agile radio transceivers and spectrum analyzers.
  • Open technical tools – JTAG and Serial Wire Debug interfaces, logic analyzers, oscilloscopes.
  • Cool and hackable timekeeping devices like The Chronulator.

As I get more in to these projects, I'll post them here on the blog. I look forward to all your comments, suggestions, and contributions.

Wish me luck!