Update on 2015/07/23: The PortaPack H1 is now available in the ShareBrained store.

The PortaPack H1 is progressing. The hardware design is stable – just tiny tweaks at this point. I have purchased and received enough components to build 250 units. There are a few components I'm having trouble sourcing, but have some good leads and am optimistic I'll have that resolved by early next week. I have several quotes for assembly and have picked my preferred assembler.

So what's left? There's the lead time for the remaining components (I've been told "4 to 6 weeks"), the lead time for the production PCBs (3 weeks), and assembly (about a week). The remaining components and PCBs are both requirements for assembly. So it could be 5 to 7 weeks before I can ship to Kickstarter backers and my retailers. It's getting close. All this cat-herding is a lot of work!